A new blog on Marketing: how long will it last?

Welcome to the Marketing Lighthouse Blog, a new blog on Marketing!

Is this about one more blog talking about how consumers are different, about going Digital, Web 2.0, with may be a pinch of Enterprise 2.0 and Change Management? Well not really.

My intentions are quite different;

• First, this blog will focus on B2B
• Second, this blog will focus on the management of marketing and of global sales, not so much on the specifics of the utilization of specific techniques (there will be exceptions)
• Third, as the blogger my goals are related to the quality of the exchange with true marketing and global sales professionals, not to the quantity

The Marketing Lighthouse Blog will try to bring its modest contribution by highlighting a modern and holistic view on Marketing and on Global Sales. Modern does not necessarily mean new. It means adapted to the current business and social reality and to their fluidity and complexity.

Topics I intend to discuss will be – most often – related to the following;

• Innovation and Marketing are the two pillars upon which the best companies build their success (a Guru statement but also – this time – a reality)
• Marketing is (should be) a way to drive business, it is not necessarily represented by the name of organization
• Modern marketing focuses on understanding a complex business ecosystem, engaging with influencers, and creating advocacy and this makes selling easier
• Marketing must be managed; the quality of the organization, operational efficiency, the team dynamic and the skill set are critical to success
• Marketing must be based upon internal and external collaboration
• Global Accounts are a key growth opportunities for many companies, but very few manage to leverage it
• Very often, success or hinge factors for Marketing of Global Sales are linked to other areas; team dynamic, operational efficiency, client experience
• All the above listed issues are relevant to most companies, independently of their size
• In order to achieve good global marketing and sales, both the quality of the people and of the system matter

I have also to add that – in my humble opinion – in the current talk of marketing, especially on social media forums, there is too much focus on discussing specific techniques and not enough on discussing the management of marketing and how to better connect with the rest of the organization. This lack of balance is hurting the credibility of the marketing community as a whole in the eyes of other functions. I do not have the ambition to change the trend with this little blog. I do have the intention though, to offer a different sort of dialogue to those who are interested.

Well, enough for a first post. Stay tune for the real content. It won’t come on a daily basis, rather on a weekly one. After all I have a business to run!

Uber Olivier Riviere